Operator Resources

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ABOUT Kittery

Kittery is the first town you come to in Maine, just over the border and over the bridge from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Kittery was the first incorporated town in Maine in 1647. With amazing history dating back to 1623, Kittery was first settled and established as a fishery. Kittery encompasses Badger Island and the Isle of Shoals off shore from Portsmouth Harbor. Kittery is a great shopping town, with Kittery Outlets, but there is a waterfront side to the town of Kittery Point that makes it deserving of a vacation spot.

http://www.kitteryme.gov/about-kittery This town website can answer any questions about local rules and regulations and opportunities.


Sustainability Efforts at the Pod

We are single-use-plastic free at the pod, and encourage visitors to bring their own water bottles. Please consider promos to encourage diners to bring their own reusable drink ware and utensils.

Taps and cans are the ideal modes for beverage sales at the pod. Please see the following links for compostable cups and local vendors from which to procure canned beverages for resale:



Sample compostable cups


Electrical Hook-up receptacles at the pod

We have 4 NEMA 14-50 amp 125/250 volt straight blade receptacles, and 4 NEMA 5-20 straight blade receptacles (standard “3-prong outlets”) at our utility pole. We also have a ‘job box’ that offers 1 NEMA L6-30 7500 watt (30 amp 3-prong twist lock) receptacle; 1 50amp 125/250v 12,000 watts looking CA style CS63 (50 amp 3-blade twist lock) receptacle; and 6 NEMA 5-20 straight blade receptacles. Though we have a few adaptors, operators should supply their own extension cord and/or '“dog bone” adaptor to make sure they can connect to power while on the pod.

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‘Job box’ receptacles.


Food Service Containers & Composting

Paved Paradise is currently looking for a composting partner. In the meantime, vendors are still encouraged to use BPI Certified compostable materials. Please let us know if you will have veggie scraps from on-site prep, and we will provide a plant-material compost bin for use on the pod.

What does BPI Certified mean?

Please see this link for BPI Certified food service products and distributors:



Victualer’s License - Town of Kittery

The Town of Kittery requires that Food Truck Operators acquire a Victualer’s License from the town. Applications are accepted through the Clerk’s office, but the Town Council grants all approvals. This process can take up to 30 days, so food truck operators should consider this when planning to join the pod. Operators should familiarize themselves with the applicable Kittery Town Code.